Friday, December 1, 2006

Post #3

Well, I'm off this evening for another exciting weekend of training. Perhaps I'll have some photos to post when I return Sunday evening.

This exercise is a Domestic Response Exercise. That doesn't mean we learn to deal with problems arising from drunken husbands and abusive wives. It means we learn to deal with problems on Canadian soil rather than abroad.

For our purposes, the lovely town of Shelburne has been struck by not only inclimate weather damaging infrastructure, but also a virus of some sort. 500 soldiers will be dispatched to the area to contain the virus and begin re-building the town's infrastructure. The MPs will be signing a route to the town so the other 490 troops can find their way up there and then we will be assisting the local Shelburne and O.P.P. detachments in their duties.

Amongst those duties, we have to halt the exercise for three to four hours to help with crowd management during the Annual Shelburne Santa Claus Parade.

Anyway, that's about it for the next little while. I should be back Sunday the third, but I probably won't post until Monday or Tuesday of next week. Us out of shape guys have an extended recovery period.



The Fly said...

8 hours of sleep is excellent recovery for the body. I think I'll go find a pillow and rest a little.

And update you're links....

Paul said...

I'd love to string 8 hours together. Hell, after these Ex's, I need 12 to 18 hours - straight.

Okay, Sal. Links updated. I've added all of yours so I should be good to go. If you were talking about the 2 MP Coy site, I'm not in charge of that one. I know the info is old on that site.